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West Coast Adventure Tour

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This West coast adventure tour includes quad biking, sand boarding, bumper ball soccer, a visit to !Khwa ttu Heritage Centre, and lunch where you can enjoy the local cuisine.

8-19 People

R1600 per person

20-29 People

R1300 per person

30-40 People

R1200 per person




All components of this tour can be adjusted / changed / shortened according to the clients preference.

Quad Biking

Easy to handle 4-wheelers, even for beginners. Experience an adventure in this awe-inspiring environment on our powerful, stable and easy to ride automatic quad bikes.
Sandboarding Cape Town - Atlantis Dunes - Breathless Nomad

Sand Boarding

Light weight boards can be used wearing normal shoes. Guests will be driven to the top by quad bikes where they can slide down the hills.

Bumper Ball Soccer

Two teams of 4 players compete on sand, wearing inflated PVC bubbles, protecting from hard landings while fighting for the soccer ball.

!Khwa ttu Heritage Centre

At !Khwa ttu, we tell the story of humankind: The Story of the San, told in their own words…

Immerse yourself in an exciting day as the San guides lead you through a beautiful nature experience or a world-class Heritage Centre that brings to life the ancient stories of the San people. Learn from the San about their fascinating culture and knowledge of hunting and gathering in inspiring surroundings.

Enjoy warm, hearty hospitality, where a friendly San team will ensure your visit is an unforgettable experience.

Lunch at !Khwa ttu Restaurant

Treat yourself in the restaurant to share in the passion for wholesome, freshly prepared, and locally sourced food, inspired by the San’s way of foraging. Every plate tells a story of culture and history with the freshest ingredients, innovation, and mouthwatering flavors. Top it all off with a drink and enjoy the breathtaking view of the West Coast.




West Coast Tour


8:00 AM – Hotel pick up and transfer to Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve

9:00 AM – Quad biking & Sandboarding & Bumper Ball experience

11:30 AM – Transfer to !Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre

12:00 PM – Begin a San guided cultural experience

13:00 PM – Lunch at !Khwa ttu Restaurant

14:00 PM – Second San cultural experience 

15:00 PM – Transfer to Cape Town

16:30 PM – Tour Ends – Arrive in Cape Town




Tier 1: Min. 4 People Sharing

R2983 per person


Call / WhatsApp:

+27 64 670 0698


Call / WhatsApp:

+27 73 008 6994

Tier 1: 4 People Sharing

R2983 per person

Tier 2: 6 People Sharing

R2583 per person

(13% Discount)

Tier 3: 8 People Sharing

R2383 per person

(20% Discount)