4×4 Off-Road Experience

4x4 Off-Road Experience In Cape Town


In Atlantis

Enjoy the beauty of the Atlantis Dunes in Cape Town in a whole new way with our 4×4 Off-Road Experience. Whether it’s you and your friends or your family, you get to experience your adventure in this awe-inspiring environment in our modified 4×4 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Convertible. We are proud that our tours are more than just a quick ride and we try to add as much value as we possibly can. We create our experiences at the Atlantis Sand Dunes, a landscape setting with never-ending and breathtakingly beautiful white sand dunes and a Cape Town Adventure Hotspot.

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4x4 OFf-Road


4x4 Off-Road Experience
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Our 4×4 Off-Road Experience is filled with exciting activities and makes a great way to experience the incredible Atlantis Dunes in this landmark nature reserve in Cape Town. Activities also feature educational information about the sand dunes, the aquifer, the critically endangered species of flora found in the Cape Floristic Region as well as the various fauna found at the reserve.

4x4 Off-road Experience in Cape Town


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