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Adventure and creating unforgettable experiences are at the heart of our business. We curate most of our experiences at the Atlantis Sand Dunes, a landscape setting with never-ending and breathtakingly beautiful white sand dunes and a Cape Town Adventure Hotspot!

Whether it’s you and your friends or your family, you get to experience your adventure in this awe-inspiring environment on our powerful, stable and easy-to-ride automatic quad bikes.

We also offer great corporate packages for companies looking to host team-building events in Cape Town, as well as year-end functions.



We have an incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated team of adventure experts and tour guides who will ensure that your adventure activities are the absolute best that Cape Town has to offer.

Jodray Arendse

Jodaray Arendse

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Lezaan Arendse

Lezaan Arendse

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Bevan Daniels

Bevan Daniels

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Thomas Diason

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Nigel Williams

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Never-ending Adventure



We’ve loved every minute of our adventures at the Atlantis Dunes in Cape Town with some really amazing adventurers. Our gallery is just a short list of some of our favourite moments shared with our Quad Bike trips, Bouncy Bumper Ball activities and more.

Cape Town Bumper Balls - Breathless Nomad
Nomad TOURS-112
Where our story begins



Welcome to Breathless Nomad, an adventure tourism company founded in 2018 by Jodray Arendse. Our journey began with a focus on Bumper ball soccer in the Atlantis Sand Dunes, but we quickly expanded our offerings to include other exhilarating activities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we organized a charity event for underprivileged children, which led to a partnership with two investors and a significant business expansion. Today, we can offer five activities simultaneously at the Witzand Aquifer Nature Reserve and serve around 1000 clients per month during peak season.

As a proud owner of 100% of our equipment, including 18 Quad bikes, we welcome small groups of two and large groups of 20+ with equal enthusiasm. We’re committed to job creation in the local area, where high unemployment is prevalent, and we’re registered with CIPC and SARS.

Our vision is to become the number one adventure tourism company in Cape Town. To achieve this, we’re dedicated to offering unforgettable holiday experiences that prioritize customer service, safety, and high moral and ethical standards. We’ve put all relevant insurances in place and are a proud BEE-registered company.

We’re passionate about adventure and committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients. Join us on our journey, and we promise to leave you breathless with excitement!


If you’re ready to go on an epic adventure with the Breathless Nomad Tour Guides, click the button below to make your booking today and secure your spot. Should you require any further information about the Atlantis Dunes, Quad Bikes or Bumper Ball activities, simply contact us.