Summer in Cape Town: A dream destination for holiday travellers

Summer is all about giving yourself another chance; another opportunity to do something bigger and better than you had planned. And while this time of year might make some people fantasize about exotic locations and far-away adventures, it’s easy to forget that the big blue planet we call home still has some pretty great spots – an easy one being Cape Town!

Why Cape Town

Cape Town is a dream destination for summer holiday travellers. Here are a few reasons why:

-The weather is perfect during summertime. You can enjoy long days spent lounging on the beach or exploring the vibrant city.
-There are endless activities and attractions to keep you busy – from hiking Table Mountain to visiting one of the many world-class wineries in the Cape Winelands.
-If you love good food and wine, Cape Town will not disappoint. There are plenty of amazing restaurants and bars to choose from.
-Cape Town is also a great place for adventure seekers. There are countless opportunities for activities like surfing, kitesurfing, fishing, and more.

Holiday travellers capture the penguin colony on Boulders beach in Simons Town, Cape Town, South Africa
Holiday travellers capture the penguin colony on Boulders beach in Simons Town, Cape Town, South Africa

What to do and see

When it comes to summer destinations, Cape Town is hard to beat. Situated on the stunning Cape Peninsula, with its pristine beaches, dramatic mountain scenery and vibrant city life, Cape Town has something for everyone. As an award-winning tourist destination, it’s no wonder Cape Town has become a favourite among holiday travellers.

If you’re a beach lover, you’ll be spoiled for choice in Cape Town. With its many sheltered bays and long stretches of coastline, the city offers some of the best beach targeting in the world. Swimming, sunbathing, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing – the list goes on. For those who prefer to stay on dry land, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy too, from hiking and cycling to horse riding and golf.

However, for those who want the best of both worlds with a splash of adventure, look no further than Breathless Nomad and the incredible list of adventure activities – such as quad biking tours, stand-up paddleboarding, sandboarding or an incredible 4×4 off-road experience.

In terms of sightseeing, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in Cape Town. The city centre is home to some of South Africa’s most iconic buildings, including Table Mountain and the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Take a cable car up Table Mountain for sweeping views over the city and peninsula, or explore the many hiking trails that criss-cross the mountain. Kirstenbosch is a must-visit for anyone who loves flowers, and you’ll find other attractions throughout the city too.

Where to stay in Cape Town

Cape Town is a dream destination for holiday travellers, and there are plenty of accommodation options to suit every taste and budget. For those who want to be in the heart of the action, there are plenty of hotels and guesthouses in the city centre. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, there are also plenty of beachside accommodation options. Whatever your preference, there’s sure to be something for you in Cape Town.

Cape Town is a rather large city that offers varying accommodations in different regions which include coastal stays, country stays in the Cape Winelands, urban stays in the city centre, and then of course there are always B&Bs scattered across the suburbs on platforms such as Airbnb and more.

Colourful beach cabins at sunset in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa captured by holiday travellers.
Colourful beach cabins at sunset in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa captured by holiday travellers.

When to travel to Cape Town

There’s no bad time to visit Cape Town, but the best time to go is during the summer months (December to March). That’s when you’ll find the city at its most vibrant, with an endless calendar of events and activities. Plus, the beaches are at their best too. So if you’re looking for a summer holiday destination that has it all, Cape Town is the perfect place for holiday travellers.

Essential Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

Cape Town is a beautiful city and a popular destination for holidays. However, it’s important to be aware of safety risks when travelling. Here are some safety tips that holiday travellers should note to help enjoy the trip:

• Be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, move away from the situation.

• Keep valuables out of sight and don’t carry large amounts of cash with you.

• Use reputable tour operators and transportation services.

• Keep copies of important documents (passport, driver’s license, etc.) in case of loss or theft.

• Register with the local authorities if you’re staying for an extended period of time.

By following these safety tips, you can help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip to Cape Town.

Typical costs for holiday travellers to Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most expensive cities in South Africa, but it is still possible to have a great time on a budget. Here are some tips for keeping costs down while enjoying all that this beautiful city has to offer.

There is a range of accommodation options available in Cape Town, from camping and hostels to luxury hotels. Prices can vary greatly, so it is important to do your research and book in advance to get the best deals.

Food and drink
Eating out can be expensive in the main city centre of Cape Town, but there are plenty of ways to save money on food and drink. Self-catering is a great option, and there are many affordable restaurants, bistros, eateries and markets if you know where to look. Street food is also a cheaper option, and you can often find great deals on drinks at bars and clubs, particularly using mobile apps such as The Entertainer, or explore Facebook groups such as Cape Town Eats Group and more.

Cape Town has an excellent public transport system, so you can easily get around without having to rent a car. Meter taxis can be expensive, but there are plenty of affordable alternatives such as Uber or minibus taxis.

There is no shortage of things to do in Cape Town, particularly during the mid-summer months as events and activities start becoming extremely popular. During the December and January months, many activities and events are available at discounted prices and much more. Be sure to follow events on social media to save money where possible.


Cape Town has long been a dream destination for holiday travellers, and it’s easy to see why. With its breathtaking scenery, world-class wine regions and friendly locals, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful city. So if you’re looking for a summer getaway that ticks all the boxes, be sure to add Cape Town to your list!